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Healthy 'N Fit International Inc.
Bringing you the healthiest, most natural sports nutrition products for over thirty years

  For over thirty years, Healthy ‘N Fit® has been leading the way in nutritional supplement formulations in the US and in many countries worldwide. Our products are tested and assayed and we use only the highest quality ingredients. Many of our best selling products are products that we have been producing for over 20 years such as our Anabolic Amino 10,000 (one of the best selling amino acid products in many countries), our 100% Egg Protein (the first in the industry), and our Advanced GH Enhancers. Naturally, these products have had improvements over the years, but the fact that these products have been successful for so long is a true testament to their effectiveness. In the world of sports nutrition there are many "hot" products and companies that come and go, it is only the effective products that last.
  Through the years, the sports nutrition industry has seen many “hot” products come and go. Many of these products sold very well for a short while, but soon, they vanished from the market. This is because people will not continue to buy products that do not yield any results. Those “trendy” products were all about big, flashy ad campaigns, promising so much but delivering so little.
  This is the exact opposite of what Healthy ‘N Fit is all about. Our loyal customers keep coming back to us, because they know that they are getting high quality supplements, THAT WORK. Our products are backed by SCIENCE, NOT HYPE!
  Every Healthy ‘N Fit product comes with our Maximum Results Guarantee. This means that you can try any of our products without hesitation. If you are unsatisfied in any way whatsoever, you can contact us and receive a full refund. We are that confident in our products, and always have been.
  We were the first to develop 100% Ion Exchange Whey Amino Acids™ in the 90's. This process yields a product which is more quickly and efficiently absorbed by the body, and can today be found in our 100% Whey Pro-Amino. Based on that innovation many companies are now incorporating similar ingredients into their whey formulations.
  We also developed the first 100% egg protein in the late 1970's, from which all egg proteins are today modeled after; as well as amino acids derived from egg albumen. Prior to the introduction of our product, egg protein was only available in small amounts, usually about 10%, mixed with milk proteins.
  We were the first to scientifically develop Correct Proportion™ amino acids and Correct Proportion™ technology with our products Mega Potency Free Form Amino Acids and Anabolic Amino 10,000. The human body requires different amounts of the various amino acids. Prior to our introduction of this formulation technology, supplement companies would simply put the same amount of each amino acid into a formulation (e.g. 500 mg of each amino acid). Looking at modern amino acid products will show that we revolutionized this market in that now nearly all amino acids products utilize this formulation technique.