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Advanced GH Enhancers (180 CAPSULES)
GH Enhancers

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Healthy 'N Fit® ADVANCED GH ENHANCERS™ Improved Formula with better absorption from fast dissolving capsules. Now featuring L-Citrulline, shown to increase blood levels of Arginine better than Arginine alone.



1. Promotes GH

2. Promotes IGF-1

3. Promotes N.O.

4. Enhances Nutrients Delivery to Muscle Target Tissue

5. Enhances “The Pump” and Vascularity

6. Enhances: Endurance, Recovery, Muscle Protein Synthesis, Overall Anabolic Activity

All Promoting LEAN MASS

Provides powerful nutritional support to boost your body’s own natural production of Anabolic GH (growth hormone) to healthy levels, plus Enhanced Anabolic Activity, Enhanced Recovery, and Anti-Catabolic Activity. No other product compares to the comprehensive nature and effectiveness of GH Enhancers™. In addition, GH Enhancers™ contains a mega dosage of over 5000mg of GH stimulating Amino Acids: Arginine, Ornithine, and Citrulline. This new and improved formula utilizes Citrulline, as studies have shown that Citrulline can increase blood levels of Arginine more than Arginine supplementation can on its own. The formula also contains an intensive array of additional Supporting Nutrients with no proprietary blends.

In order for any formulation to be effective it must be readily absorbed by the body. Advanced GH Enhancers™ is an independently tested and assayed, scientifically documented formulation, and it provides enhanced bioavailability (nutrients actually absorbed by the body) of the advanced secretagogues L- Arginine and L- Ornithine, plus Citrulline, which will increase blood levels of Arginine more than taking Arginine alone. GH Enhancers™ has much higher dosages than other products and is the most comprehensive and effective product formulation and nutritionally supports FOUR of the most important areas required for increased muscle mass and strength, namely, a GH Enhancer, an Anabolic Enhancer, a Recovery Enhancer and an Anti-Catabolic Enhancer- NO other product comes close to GH Enhancers™.

The L- Ornithine in the formula is shown in the scientific literature to be involved in the energy generating process and is also involved in the ammonia detoxifying process (ammonia causes muscle fatigue), and increases protein synthesis.

You train hard, and when you do, you break down muscle tissue, with the expectation of your muscles recovering and then entering into the anabolic state, therefore getting larger and stronger each time you train. One of the most overlooked and virtually the most important phases of productive training is recovery. Without maximum recovery, we cannot fully get out of the catabolic state, and the desired anabolic state cannot come to fruition, and all of our hard training can go down the drain. L- Ornithine is a powerful amino acid that nutritionally supports maximum recovery and growth and is highly anti-catabolic—the perfect combination and environment for increases in muscle growth and strength in combination with your progressive training. It is very important to note that, the other supplements can’t do their proper job if you don’t fully recover. L- Ornithine has proven to be a most effective amino acid for recovery. It is so effective that it is also used in hospital trauma burn centers to facilitate burn victims where extreme cases of recovery are required.

OTHER INGREDIENTS: (May contain any of the following): Gelatin Capsule, Calcium Carbonate, Rice Flour.

Suggested Use: For best results, take 6 capsules before bedtime.


Q: Is GH Enhancers™ safe and does it contain any drugs?

A: GH Enhancers™ is a safe dietary supplement and consists of Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals and Food supplements, and contains NO drugs of any kind.

Q: What is GH?

A: GH is growth hormone. Our pituitary gland naturally produces GH. GH is involved in not just one, but a vast array of important bodily functions. GH Enhancers™ does not contain growth hormone and you don’t want products that do or claim they do because they would be drugs. GH Enhancers™ nutritionally supports boosting our body’s own natural production of GH to healthy levels.

Q: I see that the formula of GH Enhancers has changed, why was it changed and what is the difference between the new and old versions?

A: The largest change that was made to the product was in the dosage form. The original GH Enhancers was a tablet but this next generation formula has been changed to capsules. Once ingested, capsules dissolve faster than tablets. With a product like this, it is beneficial to have all the nutrients delivered into the bloodstream at the same time, causing a spike in the Amino Acids and other nutrients in your system. This “spike” will yield the fastest and strongest effect on GH. Tablets dissolve more slowly and as such, release the nutrients into your system more slowly. That slower release can blunt the effects of the nutrients in the product to a degree. With our new capsule dosage, you can expect greater results due to faster delivery of nutrients.

The other primary change that we made to the formula was the inclusion of the Amino Acid Citrulline into the formula. It is the Amino Acid Arginine which has been well studied for it’s effects on increasing GH levels. However, there are multiple factors which can limit how much Arginine the body can absorb when taken orally. Citrulline however, is absorbed much better than Arginine and can then be converted into Arginine. Multiple studies have shown that Citrulline can raise blood levels of Arginine MORE than just taking Arginine alone. Moreover, Citrulline may inhibit the activity of arginase, which is an enzyme that breaks down Arginine; thereby increasing the amount of Arginine which is absorbed when Arginine is taken together with Citrulline.

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