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100% Whey Pro-Amino Heavenly Chocolate Flavor 5Lbs.
100% Whey Pro-Amino

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All Natural Whey Formulation With 45 Grams Of Protein Per Serving. The Ultimate In Whey Protein Technologies.

Try our Chocolate Explosion Protein Cheesecake made with this powder!
Try our Protein Mochaccino made with this powder!
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All of the Qualities and Benefits of the original 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™ which you’ve come to know and love are intact and have not changed. 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0 further enhances these Qualities and Benefits... The Purest, Cleanest, Natural, Best Selling, Highest Quality, Guaranteed Most Effective, Scientifically Documented, Tested and Assayed, Ultra and Micro-Filtered 100% Pure Whey Protein with Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Hydrolysate.Featuring the added benefits of Natural Whey Peptide Bond Amino Acids and Natural Protein Fractions for even quicker and more efficient delivery of Amino Acids to Muscle compared to just a Whey Protein. Of special importance is the Additional Infusion of ENHANCED AMINO™providing Additional Powerful Maximum Nutritional Support for Increased Muscle, Strength, and More; Benefits that other Whey Proteins, while good, just can’t deliver...

1* The Guaranteed Highest Quality and Most Effective 100% Whey Protein for Increased Muscle, Strength, and Fitness.

2* An Intrinsic Infusion™of Enhanced Amino™providing Additional Advanced Maximum Nutritional Support Benefits.

3* Additional Correct Proportion™ Ratio Technology BCAA’s (The Most Powerful Trio of Amino Acids for Increased Muscle Mass and Strength).

4* Ultra Recovery™ Amino Acids Matrix (Recovery is one of the most important phases of training for Increased Muscle Mass and Strength).

5* Thea Max™ L-Theanine – Anti-Cortisol Muscle Support Activity plus many additional Muscle and Health Benefits.

6* The Truly Purest, Cleanest, 100% Whey Protein and FREE of artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners. (Many brands call their products “pure” and “clean” even though they contain artificial ingredients which you can see right on their packaging). Contains no added fats or oils, which are becoming increasingly prevalent in other products, and is free from added sugars (often disguised as evaporated cane juice or honey powder).

7* Immune System Support, Extensive Health and Well Being Benefits, and more.

SPANNING FIVE DECADES...HEALTHY ‘N FIT® is the proven leader in truly effective advanced nutritional technologies. Some of the largest companies in the supplement industry, doctors, chemists, and ministries of health have consulted with and utilized HEALTHY ‘N FIT’S services. At HEALTHY ‘N FIT® you won’t find any marketing hype, pseudo or quasi-science, nor the facade of paid, drugged-up bodybuilder endorsements found in other brands. What you will find is the HEALTHY ‘N FIT® Research and Development Team collectively bringing nearly 100 years of knowledge and expertise in Nutritional Sciences, Physiology, Pharmacokinetics, and Exercise Physiology, developing groundbreaking innovations and truly effective advanced nutritional technologies, equating to producing product formulations GUARANTEED MORE EFFECTIVE THAN ANY OTHER BRAND that produce GUARNATEED MAXIMUM RESULTS. Our customer satisfaction rate is over 99%. HEALTHY ‘N FIT® has developed and implemented more effective advanced nutritional technologies than any other brand in over a dozen product categories. As you examine our history of achievements and success, and witness the GUARANEED MAXIMUM RESULTS OF 100% Whey Pro-Amino, you will discover how HEALTHY ‘N FIT® has changed the course of the sports nutrition industry. We THANK YOU for our success.

INGREDIENTS: Pro-Amino™ matrix of 100% Pure and Natural Ultra and Micro-Filtered Whey Proteins, Whey Peptides, and Whey Amino Acids (with Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Hydrolysate) [The Highest Quality, Guaranteed Most Effective, Scientifically Documented, Tested and Assayed Whey (with NO fillers as found in other brands) Very High in BCAAs and Essential Amino Acids with the Added Benefits of Natural Peptide Bond Amino Acids for the quickest and most efficient delivery of Amino Acids to Muscle plus Efficacious naturally occurring Whey Protein Fractions consisting of Beta-Lactoglobulin, Alpha-Lactalbumin, Glycomacropeptides, Immunoglobulins, Serum Albumin, and Lactoferrin], AN INTRINSIC INFUSION™ OF ENHANCED AMINO™ (consisting of Ultra Recovery™ Amino Acids Matrix of L-Ornithine & L- Glutamine, Thea-Max™ L-Theanine, and Additional Correct Proportion™ Ratio Technology BCAAs [L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine]) [all delivering Additional Powerful Maximum Nutritional Support for Increased Muscle, Strength, Recovery and Fitness (in concert with progressive training) and Extensive Health and Well Being Benefits], Dutch Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavors, Natural Stevia Herb, Healthy ‘N Zyme™- Digestive Enzymes consisting of Natural Papain and Bromelain (from Papaya and Pineapple), Lecithin..

SUGGESTED USE: Stir 1 scoops into approximately 8 oz. of water, juice or low fat milk (mixing with milk will make the shake thicker and creamier). Use once or twice daily between meals or after your workout to add the Most Natural, Purest, Cleanest, Highest Quality, Guaranteed Most Effective 100% Pure Whey to your diet. You can add 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0 to oatmeal, muffins, pancakes, shakes and more, your imagination is your only limit to the vast array of its uses. To also view dozens of Protein Shake Smoothies, Protein Freezes and Protein Freeze Bar recipes and Heavenly Treats, as well as baking and cooking ideas, visit our website.

FAQ’S Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There are so many whey proteins available, choosing one can be difficult and confusing. Why should I use HEALTHY ‘N FIT® 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0 instead of all those other brands?

A: It’s certainly true that there is a myriad of choices for protein supplements, especially whey proteins. There are many factors which set HEALTHY ‘N FIT® 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0 apart for the rest of those products. Firstly, HEALTHY ‘N FIT® pioneered the use of the Highest Quality Whey that exists today—Whey Hydrolysate and other High Quality Whey Proteins such as Whey Protein Isolate over 30 years ago, before most other sports nutrition companies existed. Through these decades we have established ourselves as the Proven Leader in Whey Protein Technologies through constant research, development, and innovation in the protein supplements category.

HEALTHY ‘N FIT® 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0 provides all of the benefits of the Highest Quality Whey Proteins plus so much more… Best Selling 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0 contains the GUARANTEED Highest Quality, Most Effective, Scientifically Documented, Tested and Assayed, Natural, and Ultra & Micro-Filtered, 100% Pure Whey Protein with Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Hydrolysate which are Very High in BCAA’s and Essential Amino Acids. It also contains the added benefits of Natural Whey Peptide Bond Amino Acids, plus efficacious Natural Protein Fractions consisting of Beta Lactoglobulin, Alpha Lactoglobulin, Glycomacropepetides, Immunoglobulins, Serum Albumin and Lactoferrin, for even quicker and more efficient delivery of Amino Acids to muscle than just a regular Whey Protein product. Of Special Importance is our ENHANCED AMINO™ which provides Many Additional Benefits for Increased Muscle Mass & Strength, Fitness, Health, Well Being, and more, that other Whey Proteins, while good, just can’t deliver.

100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0 is NATURAL and contains NO fillers as found in other brands - truly the Purest and Cleanest 100% Whey Protein / Amino Acids source available, FREE of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, sugar alcohols, oils, starches, wheat, and gluten. It contains NO added sugars, fats, carbs, salt, gums or preservatives.

100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0 is a great value-- Other brands top-of-the-line Whey products are only1.6lbs and 1.75lbs. 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0 is available in full 2lbs and 5lbs sizes and is GUARANTEED MORE EFFECTIVE. 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0 is very versatile and great to add to foods and to bake & cook with—just visit our website for dozens of recipes for Protein Shake Smoothies, Protein Freeze’s, Protein Freeze Bars, and also recipe ideas for baking and cooking.

High Quality Whey Protein is unequivocally effective to Nutritionally Support Muscle and Strength in concert with progressive training. 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0 provides all of the benefits of the Highest Quality Whey Protein plus so much more. In addition, HEALTHY ‘N FIT® utilizes the Effective Advanced Nutritional Technologies of ENHANCED AMINO™ which further enhances and clearly sets 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0 apart from all other Whey products as the GUARANTEED, Highest Quality, Most Effective Whey product in the industry.

Q: Is 100% Whey Pro-Amino™ all-natural? What is the purity of the formulation?

A: Today many brands go out of their way to call their products “pure” and “clean”, even though their products contain artificial flavors and other artificial ingredients. Their ads refer to their products as “pure” and “clean” even though right on their packaging it states artificial ingredients. These types of inaccuracies and misinformation send up red flags for many who are concerned about what other inaccuracies these brands have with other claims they make, and with the overall effectiveness of their products. Some brands promote their products as having no artificial color or dyes, yet they contain artificial flavors and other artificial ingredients. Some brands do use artificial colors such as Red 40, a suspected carcinogen (a substance that may cause cancer).

HEALTHY ‘N FIT® is a pioneer, leader, and has always set the standard in formulating its products in the truly Purest, Cleanest, and Most Natural and Most Effective way, and contain absolutely NO artificial flavors, artificial colors or dyes, or artificial sweeteners. HEALTHY ‘N FIT® product formulations are 100% Pure, 100% Clean and Natural. Part of our core philosophy at Healthy ‘N Fit is to formulate products that are as equally heathy as they are effective. Many other brands simply focus on taste and results, and they use ingredients simply because they taste good or provide some type of result even though they may not healthy or natural ingredients. We take a more natural and holistic approach to our formulations by only utilizing ingredients which are natural and healthy. The result is a product which is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle that provides BETTER RESUTS AND TASTE than other brands.

Q: What can you tell me about the company (Healthy ‘N Fit) that produces 100% Whey Pro-Amino™? A company’s history and the quality and effectiveness of their products are very important to me.

A: What a company has achieved is synonymous with the quality of its product formulations and their efficacy. Look at the company you are purchasing from or thinking of purchasing from, and see what real technology they have brought to the industry. Many other brands talk a big game, but a closer look reveals that most of what they are saying is marketing hype covered up by the façade of paid drugged-up bodybuilder endorsements. The FACT is that HEALTHY ‘N FIT® has developed and implemented more successful technologies than any other brand in over a dozen product categories. We have also been in the game for longer than nearly all other brands out there, with a history spanning five decades. Through these decades we have continually researched, developed, and innovated new technologies in protein supplements.

Q: What is the ENHANCED AMINO™ Intrinsically Infusion™ that is in WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0?

A: HEALTHY ‘N FIT® 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0 is Intrinsically Infused™ with ENHANCED AMINO™ which is a Most Comprehensive Matrix of Additional Maximum Nutritional Support Advanced Nutrients. This is also a major factor in what sets WHEY PRO-AMINO™ apart from all other whey supplements. There are many components of the ENHANCED AMINO INFUSION:

*Additional Correct Proportion Ratio Technology™ Free Form Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine. This trio of Amino Acids that comprise BCAA’s, which in concert with progressive training, Nutritionally Support Increased Muscle Mass & Strength, Stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis, Enhance Anti-Catabolic Activity and more. Correct Proportion Ratio Technology™ BCAA’s have the highest Chemical Score of any BCAA’s product in the industry. Chemical Score is an advanced scientific methodology which determines the quality and effectiveness of Amino Acids (BCAA’s). When it comes to BCAA products you’ll find that there are all different rations available of these three amino acids. Our Correct Proportion Ratio Technology™ ensures that we use the ratio which is scientifically based and proven effective. “High ratio” or “leucine heavy” products may appear impressive to some, however, product savvy bodybuilders and athletes know that they upset the natural balance of the BCAA’s trio of the Amino Acids—L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine and are counterproductive and antagonistic to the BCAA’s Chemical Score, hence their effectiveness. Compounding the problem, “high ratio” or “leucine heavy” products are too low in the two other very effective amino acids that comprise the BCAA’s trio of amino acids.

*Ultra Max Recovery™ Amino Acids— L-Glutamine and L-Ornithine which especially Nutritionally Support Enhanced Recovery. Recovery is one of, if not the most important phase of training. Without proper recovery, increased muscle mass and strength cannot adequately take place. L-Glutamine is documented and well known for its Enhanced Recovery properties. L-Ornithine is less well known, but has actually been shown to be an even stronger, more effective Recovery Enhancer than the efficacious L-Glutamine. L-Ornithine is so effective that it has been evaluated in hospital trauma centers for recovery. Our body’s healthy GH levels decline as we age. L-Ornithine also provides Healthy GH Levels Support, beneficial to athletes and health enthusiasts.

*Thea Max™ L-Theanine provides Anti-Cortisol Muscle Support. Cortisol (often referred to as “the stress hormone”) can be produced by our bodies from intense exercise and stress in our lives. Excessive levels of cortisol is one of the biggest factors in halting muscle and strength gains, and can actually burn existing muscle. Thea Max™ provides Powerful Advanced Nutritional Support to help counteract the negative effects that cortisol has on muscle and health. It has also been shown to Enhance Recovery. Moreover it has wonderful Health Benefits, and has been shown to lessen stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can deplete our body of its natural energy, and can a host of other undesirable ailments. L-Theanine has also been shown to Enhance Well Being, Enhance focus and concentration, and due to its Anti-Cortisol activity it can support Anti-Aging Benefits. HEALTHY ‘N FIT™ pioneered the use of L-Theanine a decade ago—an amazing Amino Acid providing Advanced Nutritional Support for Increased Muscle Mass and Strength and an extensive array of Health and Well Being Benefits.

Q: How long has 100% Whey Pro-Amino™ been selling?

A: HEALTHY ‘N FIT® 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™ has been a Best Seller for nearly 20 years. Over the years, many of the brands that have tried to copy or compete with HEALTHY ‘N FIT® are no longer popular or even in existence. The new 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO version 2.0 provides all of the Qualities and Benefits of the original 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™ which many have come to know and love, but takes it to the next level by incorporating all of the latest Effective Advanced Nutritional Technologies, taking what has proven to be very effective for many years and enhancing it even more – resulting in a formulation which is both cutting edge and time tested.

Q: Is WHEY PRO-AMINO ™ safe to use on a daily basis and can anyone use it?

A: 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0 contains Natural Protein /Amino Acids derived from the highest quality Whey. All whey proteins are derivatives of milk. Anyone who can consume milk can enjoy the benefits of 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0. It is also important to note that unlike milk, the Whey used in 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO ™v2.0 is virtually fat free and very low in lactose. One serving has about 3g of lactose, compared to about 12g in one cup of skim milk. For advanced athletes, 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0 is the GUARANTEED Absolute Highest Quality, Most Effective Whey Protein in the industry, formulated to provide Maximum Nutritional Support for Increased Muscle Mass, Strength and Fitness. For health enthusiasts it adds the highest quality protein to their diet, and also provides Nutritional Support for Health and Well Being as part of a Feel Great, Look Great™ HEALTHY ‘N FIT® lifestyle.

Because 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO ™v2.0 is Natural with NO artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, it can be used daily and on a regular basis without having to be cycled.

Q: How and when do I take 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO ™v2.0?

A: 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO ™v2.0 contains Natural Proteins and Amino Acids which are needed throughout the day, every day, for the maintenance, repair and growth of muscle and a vast array of other bodily functions. 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO ™v2.0 is great before or after workouts, between meals, or as a meal replacement if you have no time for a meal. You should try to ingest protein every 3-4 hours for the best gains in lean muscle mass and strength.

For those looking to build muscle mass and strength, many trainers and athletes suggest consuming one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. This includes all the protein containing foods that you eat. Use 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO immediately after your workouts and between meals. Try to ingest protein every 3-4 hours.

For those dieting, 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO can be used as a meal replacement. For breakfast try a shake along with a big bowl of fresh blueberries and raspberries. For lunch try a shake along with steamed broccoli and a fresh spinach salad.

Q: I’m currently dieting, looking to get my “beach body” back for the summer or an upcoming special event. Is HEALTHY ‘N FIT's 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO ™v2.0 a good choice for me?

A: Definitely. When dieting, it is important to have sufficient protein intake so that your body does not start burning muscle along with the fat you are trying to lose. 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™V2.0 is great for dieters because it is such a true Pure and Clean protein – there are virtually no carbs, sugars, or fat.

Q: What products go well with 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO™v2.0?

A: Depending on your training and health goals, there are many other products in the Healthy ‘n Fit lineup which can safely and effectively be used along with 100% WHEY PRO-AMINO:

1) Thermogenics- Fat Burners & Natural Super Energy Products: HEALTHY ‘N FIT® produces one best-selling extreme Fat Burner and Natural Super Energy Product: THERMOGIZE™. HEALTHY ‘N FIT® THERMOGIZE™ provides your body with guaranteed fat burning nutrients that don't also burn muscle as other brands do and THERMOGIZE™ also supplies Natural Super Energy.

2) High Potency or Mega-Potency Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients: A solid foundation of Vitamins, Minerals and other Nutrients are essential for optimum health and to keep your body working at its peak level for training and training results. A solid foundation of Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients can also improve the efficacy of Proteins and Muscle Gainers and other supplements. HEALTHY ‘N FIT® produces three product formulations which are formulated for you to maintain optimum health and to allow your supplements to perform for you.

NOTICE: Do not use as a sole source of nutrition. A proper diet and exercise program are essential to reach your training and health goals. As a reminder, it is always recommended to check with your physician before using any dietary supplement or before starting an exercise program to be sure you are in good health; especially if you are taking any medication, have a medical condition, are pregnant or nursing. If this product or any product doesn’t agree with you, stop taking it. Keep out of the reach of children. This is a Natural product, and as it is with all Natural products, its appearance and taste may vary. Store in a cool, dry place; do not refrigerate. This bottle is filled (*and should be measured) by weight, not volume. Settling of contents occurs during packaging, shipping, and handling. A scoop is included but may settle to the bottom. This bottle is BPA free and Recyclable

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